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'These are some of the kind words some of  my students have shared.'

Testimonials: Testimonials

"For more years than I care to remember, yoga has been and remains an important part of my life, and across continents I've had many great yoga teachers.
When I joined Lindsey's class a few years ago, I found a lovely teacher who really enjoys teaching yoga.  She is both inspiring and encouraging , giving guidance through the asana and pranayama practices, incorporating different postures and sequences which concentrate the body and mind and allowing us to develop at our own pace.  Some yoga philosophy and yoga nidra is in there too - wonderful !"

Lorna Jupp

"Lindsey  is obviously passionate about Yoga and takes her Yoga practice very seriously but  her classes are never too intense - she has a lovely sense of humour, a cheery smile and a very positive attitude which makes the sessions very enjoyable. Lindsey prepares thoroughly and this results in a structured  but varied  programme . Our group in Dinas   has a wide  range of abilities and ages  but  Lindsey ensures that everyone makes progress and that no one feels uncomfortable because thay are less agile.  Each session ends with  relaxation which is very effective- people have been known to snore ! (although you're  not actually  supposed to fall asleep!")

Pat  Francis

"I really love Lindsey's classes - they are informal & fun, and usually quite gentle, but I can always feel the difference afterwards. Lindsey takes an active interest in both the philosophy & practice of yoga, and she often introduces us to new ideas & techniques. She also likes to put together interesting sequences, so we are always trying something different. I really enjoy the variety, rather than doing the same old things, week after week. Definitely one of the best yoga teachers I've had!"

Jo Harris

"Yoga has helped me to become more aware of my posture and breathing and I use alternate nostril breath every night to help me sleep. I look forward to my weekly yoga sessions with Lindsey to relax and unwind in a non-judgemental and calm environment."
Chloe, 25

"I'd never tried yoga but it had always appealed to me. Yoga helps me with daily stresses and it's amazing to unwind in such a relaxing and friendly environment with Lindsey." 
Shirley, 47

Chloe and Shirley Williams. (mother and daughter)

"Taking up a new challenge which is way out of your comfort zone is extremely daunting, but having a friend to help you makes it possible. Beginning yoga practice was something I wanted to do and it became a reality with Lindsey's guidance and support. It is one of the best things I have ever done."

Karen from Tenby

I relapsed in June 2014 after initial treatment for non Hodgkin lymphoma. I required a stem cell transplant and was in hospital having intensive chemotherapy in Cardiff intermittently for 5 months. Lindsey visited me in hospital and we did some breathing exercises together. After discharge and owing to horrendous fatigue and side effects I was initially only able to manage chair yoga. Lindsey came to my home weekly for nearly 2 and a half years and I progressed from chair yoga to a more dynamic but still gently paced mat based practice of Hatha Yoga. Yoga was and still is an important part of my rehabilitation and Lindsey has designed an individual programme for me which concentrates specifically on the lymphatic system. In September 2017 I joined Lindsey’s class at the Phoenix centre in Goodwick where I am making progress in a group situation. Lindsey makes yoga fun. She has a warm personality and a great sense of humour. I have benefited greatly from her expertise on my cancer journey.

Non Roberts

As someone very new to yoga I've been surprised how much it includes - not just the movement (which I realise now how much I need!) but the meditation, the poetry, the emphasis on mindfulness, the whole gentleness of it, never pushing things further than our bodies can cope with.

Wendy Davies

When it was suggested to me to attend Yoga classes, I dismissed the idea but eventually thought I'd give it a go it wouldn't harm me to try.
So the day came and I went for my first session of Yoga, I did so with great trepidation, not because I thought it wouldn't work for me, but worried about fitting in with a group of people and a teacher who may be expecting too much of me in a discipline I knew nothing about.
Well I couldn't have been more wrong, Lindsey made me feel so welcome and I soon became one of the many of all ages enjoying yoga. Lindsey lets you enjoy the experience at your own pace, taking into account your individual physical abilities, she gently places you in the correct position and before long you start to get an understanding of the positioning and become supple enough to appreciate the benefits yoga has to offer. By the end of the session you feel relaxed and at peace listening to Lindsey's calming tones. I would definitely recommend anyone of any age giving Lindsey's classes a go.

Lorraine Phillips

Although unable to attend every week due to work commitments . The sessions I attended leave me feeling both energised and relaxed. One of the best yoga classes I have ever attended. Perfect. 

Annie Hollyfield

Lindsey’s class is enjoyable as it is fun and not too intense. It helps me to maintain flexibility and balance and stretch muscles which I may not otherwise use in day to day life, since retirement. I need the encouragement of my fellow pupils in the class, as I may not practice enough yoga at home!
We are a sizeable class and all are made to feel welcome, it is very inclusive and friendly.

Sally Gulliver

Lindsey's therapeutic Chair Yoga class has helped with my general mobility and movement and the meditation and yoga nidra has helped lower my blood pressure.
Chair yoga has been very beneficial even though I have several arthritic joints especially my knees and since starting the class I have gained in confidence to the point where I am seriously considering a traditional class with the same leadership.
This has been made possible by a class with a relaxed atmosphere and sensitive teaching.
My husband Paddy has shared with me that yoga nidra sessions on a one to one basis were very beneficial for relaxation and an improvement in a feeling of well-being.

Jane Hewitt

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