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Regularly practicing yoga has many benefits. From increased focus to heightened flexibility, we all benefit differently from yoga. Have a look at the classes I'm teaching online and get in touch.

Yin and Tonic

Friday evenings 5-6:30 p.m.

April 16th - May 21st

Yin Yoga is the perfect balance to our anxious and uncertain lives right now. It is a meditative, slow paced style of yoga mainly on the floor with longer held postures designed to release tension deep in the muscles and connective tissue. Bliss.

Therapeutic Chair Yoga

Tuesday mornings 11-12p.m.

April 13th - May 18th

A gentle seated class, with some gentle standing Asanas (postures). focusing on balance. 

This class is based around the series of postures known as Pawanmuktasana.

These exercises open the joints, speed the removal of toxins, regulate metabolism and clear the energy pathways. They are suitable for people of all ages and abilities, from the young and fit to the less able and very old. 

The class always starts with some breathing exercises and finishes with a short meditation, relaxation.

Hatha Yoga

Monday Mornings 11-12:15p.m.

April 12th - May 17th


Hatha Yoga refers to the physical branch of Yoga.

Hatha is a Sanskrit word that can be broken down into two smaller words: ha, meaning 'sun,' and tha, meaning 'moon.' The balance of sun and moon.

The class includes breath practice or pranayama, meditation and asana or posture practice. As I originally trained as a dancer there will often be a vinyasa or flow practice with a body breath link in the class. Maybe a little philosophy a poem or two, always a relaxation to finish. 



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